the story

Suddenly, our home was not just where we crashed, but was now the ever-changing stage where almost every part of our life played out. As the ambiance of our house now set the tone, our pieces needed to be more functional and more "us" than ever before.

But as the importance of our home goods grew, the options shrank to what could arrive in a cardboard box and be put together in the fewest number of steps. We longed for storied items with purpose, meaning, depth and character. Things that would tell our story too. 

It's the storms in life that bring you to new destinations. We stepped out of the pandemic years as many did - with a renewed hunger for connection, community and in-person experiences. 

On showing up, valuing home and 

Seizing the day.

Cheers to road-trip worthy weekends, unbreakable pinky-promise plans and seizing the day.

Andres & Kirsten

It was a weird mix, somewhere between gratefulness and the fear of missing out, but it made us realize that we wanted to create events that were inspiring and beautiful and happy and epically fun.  We hope you are excited to write our next event date on your calendar. 
So until our gates open next, we will be here, lattes in hand and Gilmore Girls in the background, planning every detail of The City Mercantile experience. 

We wanted to get out and live it all the way up. Taking the walk. Doing the things. Not missing a single opportunity to see the people we love face to face. 

The loss and alone time renewed a Carpe Diem fervor in us for saying "yes."  Yes to new traditions, new seasons, and new stages of life. 

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