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We aim to inspire our guests with quality goods displayed with taste, so applicants will be juried according to presentation and originality of the products.

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1. Click the button below to make your free vendor profile. 

2. Once your profile has been completed, select a market date to apply to and fill in the required fields. 

3. Applications will be approved within 7 days for upcoming events. Later dates may apply to future markets. 
4. You will be sent a link to sign you contract and place a deposit on your space.

5. We will be in touch a month out from the market with everything you need to know!

How to apply

Check out our vendor categories, vendor services and a list off additional promotional opportunities for your business to flourish at The City Mercantile.

Additional Opportunities

Andres and I have been promoting vintage style events in Ohio since 2017, but we would both agree that our most valuable experience comes from the years we spent on the road as full time vendors. Prior to making Ohio our home base and having our 3 little assistants join the team, we zigzagged the country doing more than 100 shows between the Carolinas and the Rocky Mountains. 

Witnessing firsthand the variety of promoter styles, venues and event brands that are out there helped us define what we wanted to be... and what we didn't. 

If I had to give us official titles, Andres would stack up as our Chief Logistical Officer (aka. our on-site "Make it Happen" Man) and I (Kirsten) would raise my hand as Team Lead of Marketing and Guest Experience. Beside us, a slew of team and family members help us dream, market, decorate, sponsor, organize, set-up and otherwise pull off this awesome event. 

so Who is behind this whole vintage market thing anyway?

We are hands-on promoters that will be accessible all weekend long....and you'll just love our crew. We offer flexible dates/times for set-up and a complete vendor packet with everything you need to know walking into the weekend. We market our hearts out to connect you with ideal customers who are excited to see you year after year.

At the end of the weekend, we hope you walk away feeling like you had a good time, made your sales goals and can't wait for the next one.

you may be wondering ....what will my experience look like?

It sounds cheesy, but we care about our vendors, darn it. We know that having a consistently "good show" on your calendar can change your business, and depending on where you are at, it can change your life. We know it did for us.  

 We win when our vendors win. 

our style of promoting is simple.